Advanced Commerce Career Program (ACCP) for students of Standard XI and XII

Advanced Commerce Career Program (ACCP) for students of Standard XI and XII

“School is a building which has four walls with tomorrow inside”.Lon Watters

Not only for today but also for tomorrow.

In today’s competitive global landscape, schools must extend their offerings beyond traditional curriculum.

Parents and students are increasingly looking for holistic education. They not only seek preparation for board exams but also for opportunities post-board exams, such as entrance tests for universities, professional foundation courses, preliminary exams for international institutions, and more.

Being a renowned schools, it is our duty to offer programs that not only prepare students for board exams but also provide insights and training for their future careers.

While some might argue that a school should stick to standard education without delving into post-secondary preparation, it’s crucial to realize that we have nurtured these students for over a decade. Therefore, it’s only fitting we equip them for what lies ahead.

With the evolving nature of professional courses, many now allow students to embark on professional journeys without the traditional college experience. This means students can leap into professional realms without intermediary college education. While this fast-tracks their career, saving them about three years, it can also leave them unguided in the professional world.

Given this backdrop, we at Santhoshni Academy propose an In-Class program. Here, students can gain professional knowledge right on their campus. Our aim is to empower them with the best skills and knowledge, ensuring they’re ready for the challenges of tomorrow.

About professional courses/exams in Commerce:

Chartered Accountancy (CA)


“A person can’t be perfect, maximum he can be Chartered Accountant”

CA is a prestigious, highly respected, and extremely demanded profession in the current as well as future economy. CA is a renowned profession that provides enormous global avenues and opportunities for the upcoming generations. CA has three levels – Foundation, Inter and Final. We at SA provide training for all the three levels and our success lies in giving close to 100 percent success ratio in results of students. Our experienced faculties give them theoretical and practical exposure of the industry. We also help the students in getting placed in the right firm for their articleship training which forms the most crucial years of CA journey. We ensure we handhold them into every level till they clear all levels and become CA. We also help them in getting placed in their dream company.

Company Secretary (CS)


“Company Secretaryship is not a course, it’s a journey destined to make others life easy”

Company Secretary is a Corporate Professional Course which creates young and energetic Company Secretaries. It consists of three levels – CSEET, CS Executive and CS Professional. CS is mandatorily required for all the companies to comply with legal and statutory regulations. We at SA train the students at all the levels and ensure that their dream of becoming CS comes true through our experienced faculty team and through our test series program. We also help them getting placed in right firms for articleship. We also ensure that they are placed across industries

Cost Management Accountant (CMA)


Your path may be arduous, but your destination must be seventh heaven.

CMA is a course governed by the Institute of Cost Accountants of India. CMA has three levels – – Foundation, Inter and Final. CMA is a profession which is recognized across the globe. There are many variants towards the same such as Indian CMA, US CMA. We at SA provide training for Indian CMA at all the levels and success ratio is always > 80%. Our expert team is always with them helping them get through every level through rigorous coaching and assessments. We also help the kids in placing them in the right articleship firm so that they get the best exposure. We ensure that they are also placed at the right firm post their qualification.

Common Law Admission Test (CLAT) for Lawyer


“I’m trusting in God and a good Lawyer”

Common Law Admission Test (CLAT) is a admission test for entering into National Law Universities and Private and Self-Financed Law Colleges. We at SA prepare the future savers of the judiciary extensively , with experienced faculty and course plan which are detrimental for success in CLAT. Unlike other tests for Professional courses which deal with specific subjects, CLAT is evaluation of the knowledge in current happenings, administration , English knowledge and logical reasoning , so the training delivered would be comprehensive and intrinsic . We ensure on expanded training with experts to ensure success.

More about ACCP Course

Training Objective:

  • To help students acquire a thorough knowledge of all topics in Accountancy, Business Economics, Business Law, Business Mathematics, Logical Reasoning and Statistics
  • To Enhance analytical thinking
  • Conceptual understanding of the topics
  • Enrich problem solving skills and interest in subjects
  • Strengthen originality and creativity in thinking
  • To offer value points and tips for peak performance in all these exams
  • To score more marks and better results in board exams.

Special features:

Three essential factors for success of a student in these professional courses like CA/CS/ CMA

  • Faculty – very rich working and academic experience and have been in industry with various professional qualification
  • Study Material – A thorough research-based content with all vital aspects needed for a candidate to outperform others in a competitive arena
  • Training Methodology – Every topic followed by test assessment – discussion and tips for better answering of tricky problems


  • Students will be able to compete and succeed comfortably in school and professional entrance examinations like CA Foundation/CSEET/CLAT/CMA Foundation
  • Students can identify their strong areas in the main subjects and can choose appropriate groups at higher secondary level
  • Students will gain capacity to solve tricky problems and can stay ahead of others

Highlights of SA Training program:

  • Assignments and tests on completion of every topic
  • Interactive classroom sessions
  • Take home assignments
  • Special sessions on Personality Development and communication skills

SA Methodology

  • Year-long classes
  • Teachers with rich experience
  • Comprehensive study material from professional bodies.
  • Worked out solutions using shortest method possible for complex problems
  • More number of UNIT TESTS, SPOT TESTS, Revision and Model Exams

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Take the First Step Towards Your Successful Future

We invite all progressive schools to partner with us in shaping the future of their students. Through our Advanced Commerce Career Program (ACCP), we aim to foster a culture of academic excellence, providing a platform for students to excel in their aspirations.

Are you ready to help your students excel in CA/CS/CMA ? Let’s embark on this journey of academic excellence together.

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Comparison of 3 models for Science Foundation students

Description Integrated program Competitive program Innovative Advisory model
Curriculum coveredCBSE + CompetitiveOnly competitiveOnly competitive
Classes coveredStandard VI to Standard XIIStandard VI to Standard XIIStandard VI to Standard IX
Number of days classes conducted5 to 6 days in a week2 to 3 days in a week Only advisory
Training school teachers/facultyNoNoYes
Support in faculty recruitmentNoNoYes
Supply of study materialsStudy material for Board Study material for Competitive Study material for CompetitiveStudy material for Competitive
AssessmentsComplete assessment plan for Board Complete assessment for Competitive Complete assessment for Competitive. (Board can be covered on specific need basis)Complete assessment for Competitive (Board can be covered on specific need basis)
Macro and Micro scheduleYesYesYes
Entry level assessmentYesYesYes
Daily progress trackingYesYesNo
Weekly MIS Reports to managementYesYesNo
Fortnightly MIS Reports to managementYesYesYes
Initial Parents Orientation YesYesYes
Regular Parents Teachers MeetingYesYesYes
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