Integrated Coaching for Science Foundation (Standard VI to Standard IX) and NEET/JEE for Standard XI and XII

Integrated Coaching for Science Foundation (Standard VI to Standard IX) and NEET/JEE for Standard XI and XII

At Santhoshni Academy, we understand the importance of a well-rounded education that equips students not only for their board exams but also for the competitive world beyond. Our integrated coaching programs are meticulously designed to cater to these dual needs. Here’s an in-depth look at our offerings:

How do schools benefit from implementing an Integrated Program?

  1. Unified Learning: The curriculum ties different subjects together, helping students see how everything is connected. This can make lessons more meaningful.
  2. Keeps Interest High: By showing the links between subjects, students often find the lessons more exciting and engaging.
  3. Efficient Teaching: Schools can cover more topics in less time since there’s no repeating the same concepts in different subjects.
  4. Boosts School Image: Offering a modern way of learning can make a school more attractive to parents and students.
  5. Prepares for Real-World Challenges: Students learn how topics connect in the real world, helping them be better prepared for future jobs or studies.
  6. Promotes Teamwork: The curriculum often includes group activities, helping students work together and learn from each other.
  7. Develops Important Skills: Beyond just facts, students learn skills like problem-solving, communication, and critical thinking.
  8. Saves Resources: With a more streamlined approach, schools can use their teaching materials and tools more effectively.

How does Integrated program works in a school?

  1. Curriculum Integration: Santhoshni Academy teaches the standard board curriculum (Core subjects like physics, chemistry, maths and biology) prescribed by the educational board (e.g., CBSE, ICSE) into its teaching framework.
  2. Competitive Exam Preparation: Alongside the regular curriculum, Santhoshni academy includes a competitive exam preparation component. This can involve coaching for exams like IIT-JEE, NEET, SAT, or any other relevant competitive exams.
  3. Subject Expertise: Santhoshni academy deploys specialized faculty members to teach the board and competitive exam subjects. These experts focus on providing in-depth knowledge and strategies for board exam and specific to competitive exams. Number of faculties and level of faculties depends on the number of standard handled by Santhoshni Acaedmy.
  4. Timely Integration: The competitive exam preparation is integrated into the students’ schedules in a way that doesn’t overload them but allows for gradual and comprehensive preparation.
  5. Resources and Materials: Santhoshni Academy provides students with study materials, practice tests, and resources tailored to both the board exams and the competitive exams.
  6. Assessment: Regular assessments, including mock tests and practice exams, are conducted to track students’ progress in both the standard board curriculum and competitive exam preparation.
  7. Parental Engagement: Parents are kept informed about their child’s progress in both aspects of the program, and they are encouraged to actively participate in their child’s academic journey.
  8. Continuous Support: Teachers and faculty members provide continuous support and guidance to help students excel in both the board exams and competitive exams.

Integrated program models offered by Santhoshni Academy:

Model 1: Integrated Coaching for Science Foundation (Standard VI to X):

  • Holistic Curriculum Fusion: Our program is uniquely crafted to intertwine the CBSE curriculum with the foundational concepts required for competitive exams. This ensures that students grasp the core principles of science while also being introduced to the analytical and problem-solving skills needed for competitive examinations.
  • Balanced Learning Approach: By merging the CBSE syllabus with competitive exam preparation, we ensure that students don’t feel overwhelmed. They receive a steady flow of both academic and competitive content, making learning more engaging and less stressful.
  • Foundation Building: This phase is crucial as it sets the tone for advanced studies. Our program emphasizes building a strong foundation, ensuring that students are well-prepared to tackle more complex topics in higher grades.

Model 2: Integrated Coaching for NEET/JEE (Standard XI & XII):

  • Tailored Curriculum Integration: Recognizing the significance of NEET and JEE in a student’s academic journey, our program is designed to provide a seamless integration of the CBSE curriculum with specialized coaching for these entrance exams. This ensures that students are equally prepared for their board exams and competitive entrances.

What Santhoshni Academy provides under Integrated program for our students:

  1. Study Materials: We provide comprehensive study materials tailored to cover the competitive syllabus in-depth, ensuring students have access to the best resources.
  2. Coaching of students: Our expert faculties will cover the topics and syllabus as per our study material.
  3. Scheduling:
    • Macro Schedule: At the beginning of the academic year, we provide a week-wise plan detailing our approach for the entire year.
    • Micro Schedule: This offers a daily plan for the entire academic period, ensuring structured and consistent learning.
    • Both schedules, along with the Assessment Calendar for each class and subject, are shared with school management and parents in advance.
  4. Regular Assessments: We conduct tests based on the competitive syllabus. Results are promptly shared with parents and school management within three working days.
  5. Parent-Teacher Meetings (PTMs): Aligned with the school’s PTM timetable, we discuss students’ performance in our weekly tests with parents.
  6. Continuous Monitoring: Our post-care admission team from Chennai consistently oversees the performance of both faculty and students, ensuring quality and adherence to our standards.
  7. Entry Assessment: Before initiating our program, we conduct an assessment test for all students to gauge their current knowledge level.
  8. Feedback and Adjustments: Based on the entry assessment results, we collaborate with faculties to tailor the delivery methodology.
  9. Daily Progress Tracking: Faculties provide daily updates, ensuring alignment with the micro schedule.
  10. Addressing Discrepancies: Any lag between the planned schedule and completed portions is immediately addressed, ensuring smooth progression.
  11. Timely Corrections: We ensure timely correction of papers post-assessment and facilitate discussions with students regarding their performance.
  12. Doubt Clearing and Revisions: Regular doubt-clearing sessions and revision classes are conducted as per schedule.
  13. Progress Reports: Detailed student-wise reports are provided and discussed during PTMs.
  14. Regular Updates: Fortnightly MIS reports are shared with school management, keeping them informed about the deliverables.
  15. Support for Competitive Exams: We assist schools and students in the registration process for various competitive exams like Olympiad, NTSE, KVPY, NEET, JEE, and more.
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To determine if your school is eligible for our Integrated Program, complete this form for a complimentary orientation session with your leadership team.

We respect both your time and ours, and are committed to ensuring that this meeting will be of significant value to your team.

Meeting Prerequisites:

  1. A minimum of one hour is needed for us to thoroughly discuss and showcase our approach.
  2. If a room with a projector can be arranged, it would greatly enhance our ability to present our methodology effectively.
  3. We recommend including all coordinators, subject matter experts, and individuals responsible for program implementation in the meeting. This will provide them with a firsthand understanding of our processes and methods.
  4. For us to provide a tailored commercial proposal, please share the student count for each class in advance.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about our Integrated program?

While a competent teaching staff is invaluable, an integrated program can bring additional resources and specialized expertise that can further enhance the educational experience for your students. This program increase the image of the school thereby getting better admissions for the schools.

Students will have the advantage of a seamless learning experience, with reduced transition times between different activities and subjects. This can lead to better focus and higher academic performance.

The pricing varies depending on the number of students and numbers of classes of your institution. We offer flexible and affordable packages that can be customized to fit your budget and requirements.

Santhoshni Academy’s team has a proven track record of delivering high-quality educational programs. Our team of experts is committed to excellence and customer satisfaction.

Our study materials are curated by educational experts and are designed to be engaging and effective. We’d be happy to provide a sample upon request.

Our faculty members are highly qualified, with degrees from reputed institutions and extensive teaching experience.

Our approach to student assessments is both innovative and personalized. We utilize QR code-based question papers, allowing for a streamlined and secure testing process. The questions in these papers are carefully designed according to Bloom’s Taxonomy, ensuring a balanced evaluation of knowledge, comprehension, application, and higher-order thinking skills. What sets us apart is the customization of question papers for each student, allowing us to tailor the assessment to individual learning needs and styles.

Yes, we can arrange a trial session so you can evaluate the quality of our teaching firsthand.

We have successfully implemented integrated programs in multiple schools, with significant improvements in student performance and satisfaction. We will discuss about the past school projects during our presentation to your team.

Absolutely, we welcome you to visit our office to discuss your needs and how we can tailor our program to meet them.

Yes, we offer complementary Board enhancement program for Standard X and Standard XII smooth implementation of the program.

We recommend finalizing at least three months before the intended start date to ensure adequate preparation time and recruitment time. Ideally we need to finalise the MoU during December or January of the preceding academic year to enable us to commence the classes by April of the academic year.

The science foundation program is available for Standard VI to Standard X. NEET and JEE integrated program are available for Standard XI and XII.

The program generally starts at the beginning of the academic year,(i.e. April) but we can adjust the timeline based on your needs. (Either by June or July we should commence)

Yes, the program is designed to align with board exam patterns to ensure that students are well-prepared.

While we aim to enhance student performance, the pass rate is ultimately a collective responsibility involving students, teachers, and parents.

Progress reports will be generated weekly or fortnightly and will be presented to the school management. We also offer parent-teacher meetings to discuss student performance.

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