Test Series for NEET (UG) – NEET Peak Prep Pack

Test Series for NEET (UG) – NEET Peak Prep Pack

Elevate Your Performance, Secure Your Medical Future

Are you committed to acing the NEET exam? Our NEET Test Series is not just a set of tests; it’s your ultimate roadmap to success. Crafted by faculties and an AI-enabled system, this comprehensive evaluation platform is designed to give you an edge over the competition. Don’t just aim to pass; aim to excel.

We are excited to introduce our NEET Test Series (NEET Peak Prep Pack) designed to provide a comprehensive practice platform for NEET aspirants.

Our test series comes in two distinct packages: Basic and Pro, to cater to the varied needs of students.

Choose the Perfect NEET Test Series for Your Success!

Unlock your potential with our carefully designed test series packages for NEET preparation. Whether you are looking for a basic revision or an extensive practice, we have the right plan for you!

NEET Peak Prep Pack – Basic Package

  1. Topic-wise Mastery: Dive into 20 specialized tests for each subject: Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. Each session is 1 hour and 30 minutes, structured as follows:
    • Biology: 15 questions (30 minutes)
    • Physics: 15 questions (30 minutes)
    • Chemistry: 15 questions (30 minutes)
  2. Intensive Testing Time: 30 hours
  3. Full Syllabus Tests: Elevate your readiness with 5 comprehensive tests covering the entire syllabus.
    • Each subject test is for 60 minutes with 45 questions.
  4. Total Tests: 25
  5. Total Testing Time: 45 hours
  6. Investment:
    • At our center: INR 8,900
    • At your place (Courier charges included): INR 9,500
  7. Cost Per Test: Approx. INR 350

NEET Peak Prep Pack – Pro Package

  1. Topic-wise Mastery: Double your practice with 40 specialized tests for each subject. Like the Basic Package, each session is 1 hour and 30 minutes, structured the same way.
  2. Intensive Testing Time: 60 hours
  3. Half-Syllabus Tests: Test your retention with 5 half-syllabus tests for each subject. Each session is 2 hours long:
    • Biology: 30 questions (40 minutes)
    • Physics: 30 questions (40 minutes)
    • Chemistry: 30 questions (40 minutes)
  4. Full-Syllabus Tests: Enhance your preparation with 10 rigorous full syllabus tests.
    • Each subject test is for 60 minutes with 45 questions.
  5. Total Tests: 55
  6. Total Testing Time: 100 hours
  7. Investment:
    • At our center: INR 14,300
    • At your place (Courier charges included): INR 15,200
  8. Cost Per Test: Approx. INR 260

With our structured and well-paced test series, you are on the right path to achieving your medical aspirations! Choose the package that suits your preparation needs and financial considerations. Our Pro Package offers a lower cost per test and more intensive testing for thorough preparation, while the Basic Package provides a solid groundwork for your NEET journey!

Special Offer:

We are offering a 50% discount on our NEET Test Series for students who have enrolled in the NEET crash course with Santhoshni Academy. Seize this fantastic opportunity to maximize your preparation at an affordable cost.

Convenience of Test Taking: Tests can be taken at our centers or, if preferred, we can courier the question papers to your address. Complete the tests at your convenience, and send us the answer sheets for precise evaluation.

Please note courier or postage charges applicable for sending the question paper to your address. Answer sheets need not be couriered. It can be emailed or sent by WhatsApp to our office for evaluation.

Reports and answer keys will be emailed to your registered email address.

Why choose our NEET Test Series?

  • Customizable Tests: Our tests are fully customizable, allowing students to choose subjects for the topic quiz tests. They are not standardized, catering to individual preparation needs.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: Full syllabus tests encompass all chapters, ensuring thorough coverage.
  • NTA Pattern Compliance: All tests and questions are designed as per the NTA pattern to provide a realistic practice arena.
  • QR Code Integrated Platform: Tests are conducted through a QR code integrated platform for ease of access and enhanced experience.
  • Personalized Question Papers: Each question paper is generated with the student’s name, adding a personal touch to the testing experience.
  • Bloom’s Taxonomy Model: Questions are classified according to Bloom’s Taxonomy model into categories like easy, medium, difficult, understanding, application, and skill comprehension.

Embark on a structured and analytical preparation journey with our NEET test series, tailored to nurture your path to success in the NEET examinations. Our meticulous evaluation and actionable feedback are geared towards making you exam-ready.

embarking on the journey of NEET preparation requires a well-thought-out strategy and the right resources.

A significant part of this preparation is getting accustomed to the pattern of examination and the type of questions you might face. Our Test Series is designed to give you a real-time experience of the NEET examination, well before you sit for the actual test.

Try Before You Commit:

We understand the importance of making informed decisions, especially when it concerns your future. Hence, we offer you an opportunity to try our Test Series before you commit to joining the full-fledged NEET Test Series. This initiative aims to provide a transparent insight into the quality and effectiveness of our test preparation module.

Key Highlights of the Trial Test Series:

  • Realistic Testing Environment: Experience a realistic testing environment with a set of practice tests that mirror the actual NEET examination pattern.
  • Performance Analysis: Receive a detailed performance analysis post your trial, which will highlight your strengths and areas of improvement.
  • Access to Quality Questions: Our trial test series comprises quality questions that reflect the standard of NEET, allowing you to gauge the level of preparation required.
  • Feedback on Test-taking Strategy: Get actionable feedback on your test-taking strategy to understand how you can optimize your approach for better performance.

By availing of the trial, you get a sneak peek into our comprehensive and meticulously designed NEET Test Series. It’s an invitation to experience the rigorous yet supportive environment of Santhoshni Academy that is geared towards making you NEET-ready.

How to Avail of the Trial:

It’s simple and straightforward. Just fill out the inquiry form on our website or contact our administrative office to schedule your trial test series. Our team will guide you through the process, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

Your Success, Our Priority:

Your success in the NEET examination is our utmost priority. Our trial test series is a testament to our commitment to providing a reliable and effective platform for your NEET preparation. We believe that a well-informed decision will empower you to embark on a successful NEET preparation journey with Santhoshni Academy.

Seize this opportunity to make an informed decision about your NEET preparation. Try our Test Series, experience the quality of education we provide, and take a confident step towards achieving your medical aspirations.

Discover Your Path to NEET Success:

Embark on a well-guided journey towards cracking the NEET examination with Santhoshni Academy. As a part of our transparent and student-centric approach, we provide you with a wealth of resources to understand the quality and effectiveness of our NEET Test Series.

Download Our Sample Question Paper Set

Experience the caliber of our meticulously crafted questions by downloading a Sample Question Paper Set. This set reflects the pattern and the standard of questions you would encounter in the actual NEET examination. It’s a glimpse into the rigorous preparation that awaits you at Santhoshni Academy.

Download Link

Explore an Evaluated Set:

We believe in a thorough evaluation process that provides actionable insights into your performance. Download an Evaluated Set to see a detailed marking scheme, annotations by our expert faculty, and personalized feedback aimed at enhancing your understanding and performance.

Download Link

Detailed Reports for In-depth Analysis:

Your preparation journey should be well-informed and data-driven. Our Detailed Reports encapsulate your performance metrics, areas of strength, and zones that require more attention. Download a sample Detailed Report to understand how we track your progress and guide you on the path of continuous improvement.

Download Link

Your Success is a Download Away:

The resources we provide are a reflection of our dedication to ensuring your success in the NEET examination. The Sample Question Paper Set, Evaluated Set, and Detailed Reports are steps towards making you familiar with our pedagogical approach and the systematic evaluation that is pivotal in achieving NEET success.

Seize this invaluable opportunity to understand the level of preparation you will receive at Santhoshni Academy. Download the resources, evaluate our approach, and take a decisive step towards a bright medical career.

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